10 Interesting Contestants of Miss World 2012

Miss China won miss world 2012 Wohoo! I’m happy for her because I’m chinese and I’m displaying my chinese solidarity. Furthermore, to best of my knowledge, this is the first time an asian won an international beauty contest. I think. Go figure if this is correct.

But seriously, why can’t they pick a better-looking, more articulate and sweet looking miss Hong Kong? Or the beautiful miss Macau? The judges must be blind. Or it could be because of the heat in Ordos – the chinese ghost town in Inner Mongolia, China.

Check out miss Hong Kong

And miss Macau

Among the three Chinese women, my favorite is definitely miss Hong Kong. Pretty girl, she is. My other favorite race of contestants is White. Here are the four most beautiful White contestants – in my opinion:

1. Miss USA 2012

2. Miss Spain 2012

3. Miss Mexico 2012

4. Miss Poland 2012

What do you think of them? Absolutely gorgeous right?

So far, I have shown you my six top contestants. Next, I will show you four contestants that illustrate the effect of multiculturalism philosophy. Here they are:

1. Miss Portugal 2012

2. Miss Belgium 2012

3. Miss South Africa 2012

4. Miss Australia 2012

I’m not going to comment on their looks. I will leave the honor to you – dear reader.

So that’s it folks! The 10 contestants whom I think are interesting. Six of them are interesting because they are beautiful. The remaining four are interesting because they represent multiculturalism.

Who are your favorite contestants?

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