About Me

Roan Yong

Roan Yong is a Knowledge Management (KM) practitioner in one of the Statutory Board in the the Singapore public sector, and a thought leader in the area of Social Collaboration.

He is an expert in designing incentives and exploiting people’s self-interest to enable bottom-up Collaboration, Innovation, and KM in communities or in organisations. He is also skillful in analysing and mining data to gain business insight.

Roan is a passionate advocate of the use of Social technologies – such as Blogs, Discussion Forums – to build communities. He is excited by the prospect of social technologies in transforming organisations.

Currently, he dedicate his free time to grow KM community in Singapore. He is an active participant in information and Knowledge Management Society of Singapore (iKMS)

He lives and works in Singapore. And he would love to meet and talk to people with similar interests over tea / beer. You can reach him at: roan_yong [at] yahoo [dot] com.

In this blog, Roan pens down his thoughts mostly on KM, Collaboration and Innovation. Occasionally he will also write about his hobby in investing, his faith in Christianity, and his life in general.

Disclaimer: Ideas and opinions expressed on this blog, are my own, and do not represent those of my employer.

A Bit More About Me


1999 – 2002. B.Sc (Mathematics with Management Science)The National University of Singapore. I was trained in the following subjects: Supply chain Management, Operations Management, Operations Reseach (including linear programming & optimization techniques)

2006 – 2008. M.Sc (Knowledge Management)The Nanyang Technological University. I was trained in the following subjects: Communities of Practice (CoP), Social Network Analysis (SNA), Data Mining, Intellectual Capital, and Organization Behavior.

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