Recession-Proof Church

6 December 08. City Harvest Church. Sermon by: Rev. Dr. John Avanzini

Brother John mentioned that the purpose of end-time wealth transfer is end-time harvest.

Genesis 47: 6, 27. The best land in Egypt was Goshen. This is how God recession-proof Jacob. Through Joseph, God bring Israel to live in Goshen and the Israelites prosper in the midts of famine throughout the land of Egypt.

Brother John invited the church-goers to shout “We are living in Goshen!”

Genesis 26: 12 – 15 (NLT). Isaac became rich, but he lost it all. He was cast away by Abimelech.
Genesis 26: 19 – 22 (NLT). Isaac had to move and dug well three times in order to succeed. Notice that Isaac puts Vocation first.
Genesis 26: 23 – 25 (NLT). Isaac succeeded in his first attempt to dug well, because he did his priorities right: (1) Then Isaac built an altar there and worshiped the Lord (Isaac putting God first); (2) He set up his camp at that place (Isaac putting his family second); (3) and his servants dug another well. (Isaac putting vocation last)

If we did our priorities right, even our enemies will make peace with us (refer to Genesis 26: 28 – 31), proclaimed brother John.

Brother John also likened the current financial crisis to Goliath. Since Goliath means “The one who tears (or strips)  everything down”

1 Samuel 17:40. David took 5 smooth stone. Brother John asked “Why there are 4 extra stone?” 1 Samuel 17: 50 –> David kills Goliath with one stone. Brother John said it’s because Goliath has 4 relatives.

In 2 Samuel 21:1, we learned that there is another famine, just like in the days of Isaac and Jacob. In 2 Samuel 21:15 – 22, we learned the 4 giants (relative of Goliath) were killed by David’s men.  According to Brother John, this indicates that God will not only bless pastors (prophet of God – like David), but also those who fought together with the pastor.
Brother John invited the church-goers to shout “We are giant-slayers!”
That’s all for the sermon folks. City Harvest Church distributed smooth stone, or talking-stone according to brother John, to the church-goers. This smooth stone, like the one used by David, is the symbol of Giant-slayers (or Recession-slayers).  I would like to invite you to rate this sermon: